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Finance of Food helps owners get the optimal type of capital to meet their goals.

We are a finance advisory firm guiding business owners through debt and equity capital raising and exit planning preparation.  Whether planning to pass their business to family or employees, or to sell to outside third parties (strategic or financial buyers), business owners need competent and trusted advisors to maximize the outcome.

Our background and focus is specifically on agricultural and food producers, processors and distributors.  We intimately understand these types of industries and companies.

Our Primary Focus

Our primary focus is helping small and medium size business owners to have access to the right sources of capital.

Our client companies are typically led by founding entrepreneurs and families who have successfully grown their operations to a level where sophisticated outside expertise is warranted and is a complement to internal management teams.  These businesses typically generate from $20M to $200M in Sales. Often, the finance staff at our client companies are fully utilized in daily operations, and our services add welcomed expertise and dedicated effort towards accomplishing these critical, long-term, activities which tend to be neglected.

Plan for Success

Our partners at Finance of Food personally handle every step of a client engagement, providing their deep expertise and finance advice garnered over two decades in agriculture, finance, banking, and operations. Our goal is to earn our client’s trust by providing objective and sound advice. We bring additional value through our C-level experience, and our access to and understanding of capital sources.

Why choose Finance of Food?



We understand agricultural businesses, and the culture of those involved.



Robust network of financial and strategic partners in Food and Agriculture.



Focused on long-lasting relationships, not merely transactions.



Our projects are executed by seasoned Partners, not junior associates. 



Significant CFO and organizational leadership experience.



We deliberately limit our number of client engagements to provide critical time.

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