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Mark Campbell, CFA


Mark has provided strategic advisement to agricultural and food distribution companies for nearly 20 years.  He has worked closely with owners and management teams to strengthen their organizations, and to prepare for and execute on their optimal transition plans.

Mark is an experienced CFO consultant, providing interim and project-based financial leadership.  Expertise includes financial forecasting, turnaround, risk mitigation, and debt & equity structuring.

Mark began his career as a lender with Farm Credit.  After receiving an MBA from Columbia Business School, Mark was an investment team-member for an agricultural and resource land Private Equity firm.  He then served as the CFO for an expanding Produce Grower/Shipper, helping the owner transition to retirement, and staying with the family company through a private equity investment.

Mark and his wife, Stacie, live near West Palm Beach, Florida, where Mark also spends time as a soccer coach and Scouts leader for his 2 children.


Chairman and Chief Consultant for American Business Leadership, Inc., founded in 1976.  As a member of the NAVIX exit planning network, and as professional analyst for a variety of assessments (Behaviors, Emotional Intelligence, Motivators, Skills & Talents, Stages of Business Growth Strategies), Dave provides consulting services to CEOs and managers.  Dave has served on the boards of more than 40 organizations, and has chaired Vistage think-tank groups.


Dr. Dave Luhrsen

Board Advisor

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